Friday, January 29, 2016


Questions? Oh, I'm sure you'll have many. The procedure of The Eos, while seemingly far-fetched, is actually not. The science exists to fuse computer chips with the human brain, and there are companies actually dedicated to powering the human body through solar energy. Below is a short list of sources for the procedure described in the story:

This link provides more in depth details on how to fuse computer chips with brain cells. The successful experiment is referenced in part 2 of the story.

This company focuses on synthetic biology and has conducted extensive research into running human cells on solar energy.

A genetic engineering process that alters genomes and the mitochondrial process.

Further studies of actively modifying our genes has been conduct, albeit controversy. This article details a team of Chinese scientists that conducted experiments on human embryos to alter specific genes that cause diseases.

Video of a cluster headache attack, for comparison to the headaches those who undergo the procedure experience. May be difficult to watch.

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