Wednesday, February 17, 2016

King Solomon

There will be an upcoming story posted this week to nosleep that features elements of King Solomon, the biblical figure in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Solomon, son of David, was a wise and wealthy prophet that assumed power over Israel from 970 to 931 B.C.

The Book of Kings tells the story of how Solomon rose to power, and how the kingdom of the United Monarchy split after his death. 

The more interesting element that's not always told is how Solomon captured 72 demons and angels. Evoking these captured spirits became known as Goetia.

My upcoming story is contemporaneously parallel to Solomon and his 72 demons. While these details are left out of the story, not directly mentioned and it's not exactly a retelling of Solomon, reading about them provides valuable background. 

One demon, Prince Sitri (portrayed in my story as a female police officer named Pam) was said to have a strong control over relationships between people and had the capability to make any man or woman lust after one another. He reigned over sixty legions of demons, had the head of a leopard and wings of a griffon but was capable of taking the human shape of a man.

Look for "I accidentally started a cult" on nosleep Friday morning to read my story!

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