Friday, February 26, 2016

Shaun Brewer Returns

Gear up! Shaun Brewer, your favorite organic chemist, will be making a return to /r/nosleep at the end of March for a new series!

This time, Shaun will be participating in researching the affects climate change has on the penguin breeding cycle in Antarctica. The new series does not continue the story of "The Eos", but rather puts our familiar character in the path of new danger at McMurdo Station.

The story requires extensive research to ensure authenticity, and as with all of my series the first part will not be posted until the whole story has been written. As such, I will not have any other stories posted until late March.

I'm aiming for March 30th to post part 1. I'll have an official release date for part 1 along with all corresponding parts when the story is ready to go or nearing completion.

Here's a small teaser for you all until more details are available:

Hype intensifies...

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