Monday, March 14, 2016


The new series is on track for release on 3/30. It will be posted to /r/nosleep in the morning under the title "I WAS RECRUITED TO STUDY PENGUINS IN ANTARCTICA". It won't be in all caps though. Don't want people to think I'm yelling or anything.

As of now the story spans over 3 parts. I'm still editing and revising, so there's a chance it'll be pushed to four parts.

Along with each part of the story will be studying material posted on this blog to support and provide further information on some of the details divulged. Each handbook (as I call it) is tailored to each individual part. This information ranges from deleted scenes to studies conducted by Stephen Hawking. After 'The Eos' was posted I received many messages on reddit asking for elaboration on the science. I'm never against someone messaging me directly, but I'd still like to provide the information to everyone.

For the moment, this is current schedule:

Handbook for Part 1 - 3/29 (read it early!)
Story Part 1 - 3/30
Story & Handbook for Part 2 - 4/1
Story & Handbook for Part 3 - 4/4

This schedule is tentative. If I wind up expanding to a fourth part the schedule will change. The full, solidified schedule will be included with the first handbook on 3/29. One way or the other, part 1 will be on /r/nosleep the morning of 3/30.

That's all in terms of scheduling and whatnot. Here's a snippet from part 1!

He introduced me to the other members of our team that had arrived. There was Kristy from Ohio, an early thirties blonde who was on her third tour of conducting science in Antarctica. Barry, also from Ohio, a nerdy looking fellow with glasses that looked to be in his late twenties on his fifth tour. And Lauren, who had long hair dyed bright red and didn’t talk much. She seemed socially reserved from my first interaction with her and didn’t divulge much information about herself other than the fact that she was from Maine.

Knowing that these people would be my colleagues over the course of the next four months I tried my best to engage all of the new people while at the airport. Barry and Kristy were very responsive. We all got along as soon as we met and started making jokes together. They were both experienced and assured Dmitry and I that they would look after us. Lauren, on the other hand, disappeared shortly after I met her.

“Have either of you previously worked with Lauren?” I asked Barry and Kristy.
Barry shook his head. “Nope. But I’ve seen her before. She was at the station the last time I was. Recognized that red hair right away.” He had a strange quirk whenever he talked where he would blink an excessive amount. His glasses magnified the slight twitch.
“I think she was working with microorganisms. Nematodes rings a bell.” Kristy chimed in. She spoke in a chipper voice that seemed to be just a tad louder than the volume of most people’s voices. “I don’t recall ever seeing her at any social gatherings.”
“Nah, she must have been pre-occupied with trying to get the sand out of her vagina.” Barry smiled at his own lewd joke as he blinked heavily.
“I think she was just making sure *your* sand stayed out of her vagina.” Kristy teased.
“Ooo, better get some drain cleaner for that potassium hydroxide burn!” I tried to make a joke that made me sound like a scientist and instantly regretted it.
Barry elbowed my arm. “We know you studied chemistry, bud. You don’t have to prove it.”
Dmitry looked confused. “I do not understand. Who has burnt vagina?”
Barry and Kristy looked at Dmitry both perplexed and amused. “What makes Dmitry here so great is that he’s funny when he doesn’t try to be funny,” I explained.

Yup, Dmitry is back! :)

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