Tuesday, April 19, 2016

E-Book - The Shaun Brewer Stories

New e-book available for freebies!
Format: MOBI / EPUB / PDF

Welp, it's here! My first attempt at an e-book. This is a compilation that follows the events of Shaun Brewer through Alaska & Antarctica. It's the story thus far along with some extras that weren't posted on reddit or this blog. And you can download it for free! Just follow the links above to download your copy.

Rest assured this is not the end for Shaun and Dmitry. I'm still toying with ideas for a third story, but more importantly I'm actively working on turning 'The Eos' into a full novel. It's still a ways off, so for now you can enjoy these files so you can store it on your e-readers or share them with friends. I'll have the proper links posted in the sidebar so they won't get buried under other posts.

Oh yeah, there's also new story on reddit today! You can read it here - it focuses on the theory of panspermia. Yup, more science stuff for everyone! Here's some background info I researched for it:

Plankton. They're not the only organisms that can survive in outer space. Some will go into a hibernation-like state until conditions become much more favorable, but they're still alive. Beer microbes, lichen, Bacillus pumilus, and Tardigrades can all live in the vacuum of space. Tardigrades in particular can pretty much survive anything. They can live for 30 years without any food or water. 30 friggin' years!

Here's a Tardigrades looking particularly cuddly.  Yes, that thing is real.

Here's an article discussing the discovery of plankton living outside the International Space Station.

Oh, and here's a quick diagram showing how hail forms:

Short & sweet. That's all I got for you all today. I hope you all enjoy the story posted today and my book. Check back here for more info on stuff I've been working on in the coming weeks.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I am working with someone designing a book cover for 'The Shaun Brewer Stories' at the moment, but there's been some delays and as a result the e-book will not be posted this week. 

The e-book will include a few extras as well. I'm throwing in a prologue I've written for the upcoming full novel for the 'The Eos' and a short epilogue for 'Blood Falls'. Other than that, though, everything will be the same as what's already been published on reddit.

I also have a few one-shot stories I'm putting together that'll be posted on reddit more towards the end of April. Been kind of busy lately and haven't had much time to write stuff. But don't worry, there's more stuff coming. 

If all goes according to plan I'll have the book posted on here next Tuesday, 4/19 along with a new story on reddit the same day. 

Naturally I can't end this post without giving you a glimpse of the next story, so here ya go:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blood Falls - Finale

First of all, thank you all so much for reading and all of your kind words of praise for my story. nosleep has certain rules restricting authors from breaking character in the comments, but here I can say whatever I want. I like turtles. There, see?

Seriously, it's so rewarding to be able to share my writing with everyone and see that there's an audience that actually enjoys my silly ideas. You're all incredibly encouraging, and for that you're all awesome. Thank you.

In the coming days I will compile both The Eos & Blood Falls together in a single .mobi/.pdf/.epub file that you can all download for free for your e-reader devices. I'll make a post here about it sometime next week and include all the necessary links. It'll be titled "The Shaun Brewer Stories". I'd really like to include a book cover, but I'm not good at art stuff. If anyone would be willing to do one for me, that'd be like super cool. Send me a message on reddit, or shoot me an email at jessejamesrose@gmail.com.

I'll also be sending the story to the people working at McMurdo. Hope they enjoy it!

Anyhow, on to information about the finale! I'll be throwing in some stuff from part 3 as well!

Here we have Discovery Hut. As you can see from the picture it overlooks McMurdo, but it's still somewhat isolated. A perfect little sanctuary for a killer!

This hut has historical importance to Antarctica. In part 3 Shaun visits Observation Hill and sees the memorial cross at the summit. This hut is where the people inscribed on the memorial set up shelter back in 1912. 

If you would like, here is an interactive map of McMurdo Station. I found this page to be quite useful when doing research for this story. 


Lauren becomes infected with Bolutism. This disease was mentioned in part 3 as something that could happen as a result of the microbes found at Blood Falls. This disease the result of a toxin from bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum.

These tiny little guys pack a punch! And they're what was administered to Lauren over the course of an entire week. 

As far as Kristy goes, she has a condition known as Multiple Myeloma, It's cancer of the blood, but more specifically, white blood cells. The blood Dmitry & Shaun observe in part 3 lacks plasma because it was all once inside Kristy. It's essentially used blood that is no longer viable.


Take a tour of Crary! The beginning of this video is the library, where Janet is brutally murdered!


I thought this scene sort of made the characters appear homophobic, so I deleted it. It also felt sort of similar to the scene in part 1 where Shaun and Dmitry crowd surf at the concert while wearing pantyhose. It was just some light-hearted humor to add character development and create a stronger bond between them. Enjoy...

I put the key in the lock and turned. The door opened and unveiled a small room with two windows that were covered with long, thick curtains. These were used to block out the sun during the time of year when the sun never sets. There were two dressers, a bookcase, a joining bathroom to the room next to us where Kristy was, and oddly, one queen size bed.
"We have to sleep in the same bed?" Dmitry asked.
"I guess so..."
"We sleep head to toe then."
"Doesn't matter. Our delicates would still be aligned."
"Oh. But feet is better to sleep next to than face."
"Yeah...you have a point."

Our first night at the dorms after leaving Blood Falls was interrupted by a knock at the door. Dmitry and I had been in bed trying our best to get some sleep but nothing seemed to do the trick. Even though we were already awake the knock still startled me.

"Who's there?" I yelled out.
"It's me. Kristy."

I got out of bed and opened the door to see Kristy standing in her pajamas with a blanket draped over her shoulder and a pillow in her hand.

"I-I can't sleep alone. Can I stay with you two?"
I solemnly nodded at her. "Of course. Come on in."

She walked past me and into the room.

"Hi Kristy!" Dmitry waved his arm back and forth like Forest Gump. "You can sleep in same bed with us, there's plenty of room!"
"Oh! I thought...I had no idea..."
"No idea what?" I asked.
"That you two were...y'know."
My eyes went wide and I let out a loud laugh. "No! They only gave us one queen size bed. We're sleeping head to toe."
"That's not one queen size bed!" Kristy started laughing uncontrollably. "It's two twin size beds roped together! You're supposed split them up and model the room however you want!"
"Oooooooh!" Dmitry and I said in unison.


As far as Shaun & Dmitry go, I'm not quite sure what's in store for them next. At the moment I do not have any plans to extend the series, although I do feel as though both characters need some sort of closure. There's a few ideas floating around, but nothing I've developed an outline for just yet. The characters deserve more, so I'm going to try and give them more. For now though, I don't have any sort of announcement. It's all just a big bowl of maybe right now. I'll update you all with any news. 'Till then, take care!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Blood Falls - Part 2 Handbook

Part 2 does not really need much of a handbook. Instead I'll be providing some details regarding the concept of non-carbon based life. It was briefly touched on as the chemical basis for life within the microbial ecosystem under Blood Falls in part 2, but the hypothesis proved false.

In reality, it's absolutely possible that life under Taylor Glacier is metal based. And not only that, life on another planet, should we ever actually find any, is very likely to be based on something other than carbon.

Professor Stephen Hawking released a lecture on his website titled "Life in the Universe" where he proposes the possibility that alien life could not thrive in the "sweet spot" we consider earth:

"...it is not beyond the realm of feasibility that our first encounter with extraterrestrial life will not be a solely carbon-based fete."

This article from an external website summarizes the main points of Hawking's lecture.

As far as the earth's crust goes, while it's never been confirmed, there's tons of evidence suggesting life exists in the most extreme conditions. It's a pretty fair guess that there's microbial life dwelling within our crust - a demonstration of life's robustness.

Here's some information on hypothetical types of biochemistry.

Because of the evidence within earth's crust, it's speculated that life on Mars, while extremely unlikely on the surface, is flourishing in Mars' crust, like earth. Good luck finding it, though. We haven't even been capable of reaching our own crust. Don't think we'll be hitting Mars' anytime soon.

If you'd really like to delve further into the specifics of non-carbon based life, I recommend this article (ignore the God stuff! this article is very informative!).

After all that, I feel like this sort of belongs here:

I'll see you all for part 3 on reddit this Monday, 4/4. Woot!

The Fourth Domain - Finale

Thank you, once again, for those who took the time to read the third entry in the Shaun Brewer series. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as...