Friday, April 1, 2016

Blood Falls - Part 2 Handbook

Part 2 does not really need much of a handbook. Instead I'll be providing some details regarding the concept of non-carbon based life. It was briefly touched on as the chemical basis for life within the microbial ecosystem under Blood Falls in part 2, but the hypothesis proved false.

In reality, it's absolutely possible that life under Taylor Glacier is metal based. And not only that, life on another planet, should we ever actually find any, is very likely to be based on something other than carbon.

Professor Stephen Hawking released a lecture on his website titled "Life in the Universe" where he proposes the possibility that alien life could not thrive in the "sweet spot" we consider earth:

" is not beyond the realm of feasibility that our first encounter with extraterrestrial life will not be a solely carbon-based fete."

This article from an external website summarizes the main points of Hawking's lecture.

As far as the earth's crust goes, while it's never been confirmed, there's tons of evidence suggesting life exists in the most extreme conditions. It's a pretty fair guess that there's microbial life dwelling within our crust - a demonstration of life's robustness.

Here's some information on hypothetical types of biochemistry.

Because of the evidence within earth's crust, it's speculated that life on Mars, while extremely unlikely on the surface, is flourishing in Mars' crust, like earth. Good luck finding it, though. We haven't even been capable of reaching our own crust. Don't think we'll be hitting Mars' anytime soon.

If you'd really like to delve further into the specifics of non-carbon based life, I recommend this article (ignore the God stuff! this article is very informative!).

After all that, I feel like this sort of belongs here:

I'll see you all for part 3 on reddit this Monday, 4/4. Woot!

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