Tuesday, April 19, 2016

E-Book - The Shaun Brewer Stories

New e-book available for freebies!
Format: MOBI / EPUB / PDF

Welp, it's here! My first attempt at an e-book. This is a compilation that follows the events of Shaun Brewer through Alaska & Antarctica. It's the story thus far along with some extras that weren't posted on reddit or this blog. And you can download it for free! Just follow the links above to download your copy.

Rest assured this is not the end for Shaun and Dmitry. I'm still toying with ideas for a third story, but more importantly I'm actively working on turning 'The Eos' into a full novel. It's still a ways off, so for now you can enjoy these files so you can store it on your e-readers or share them with friends. I'll have the proper links posted in the sidebar so they won't get buried under other posts.

Oh yeah, there's also new story on reddit today! You can read it here - it focuses on the theory of panspermia. Yup, more science stuff for everyone! Here's some background info I researched for it:

Plankton. They're not the only organisms that can survive in outer space. Some will go into a hibernation-like state until conditions become much more favorable, but they're still alive. Beer microbes, lichen, Bacillus pumilus, and Tardigrades can all live in the vacuum of space. Tardigrades in particular can pretty much survive anything. They can live for 30 years without any food or water. 30 friggin' years!

Here's a Tardigrades looking particularly cuddly.  Yes, that thing is real.

Here's an article discussing the discovery of plankton living outside the International Space Station.

Oh, and here's a quick diagram showing how hail forms:

Short & sweet. That's all I got for you all today. I hope you all enjoy the story posted today and my book. Check back here for more info on stuff I've been working on in the coming weeks.


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