Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I am working with someone designing a book cover for 'The Shaun Brewer Stories' at the moment, but there's been some delays and as a result the e-book will not be posted this week. 

The e-book will include a few extras as well. I'm throwing in a prologue I've written for the upcoming full novel for the 'The Eos' and a short epilogue for 'Blood Falls'. Other than that, though, everything will be the same as what's already been published on reddit.

I also have a few one-shot stories I'm putting together that'll be posted on reddit more towards the end of April. Been kind of busy lately and haven't had much time to write stuff. But don't worry, there's more stuff coming. 

If all goes according to plan I'll have the book posted on here next Tuesday, 4/19 along with a new story on reddit the same day. 

Naturally I can't end this post without giving you a glimpse of the next story, so here ya go:

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