Thursday, August 25, 2016

New series starting Monday, 8/29

Two weeks ago I posted a sneak peak to a story I've been working on over at The Citadel (read it here). What originally was intended to be a single-part story has expanded well beyond my original vision.  I found that I was already 7,000 words into the story before I even reached the climax. But the good news is that it's nearing completion and Part 1 will be on nosleep Monday, 8/29 under the title "Our house party had some uninvited guests."

The story takes place in Orient, NY, which is the very eastern end of the northern tip on Long Island. It's based on a house my family owns out there that is literally in the middle of nowhere. Whenever I visit the house I always envision it as a setting for a horror I finally gave it a story.

I've worked on the story for some time and while I went a bit overboard from my initial intention, I'm pleased with where its gone. It's got gore, science, love, mystery, and incredibly gripping new characters, some I found that I hated, and some I loved. But that's the ingredients for a good story...characters you root for and root against.

I'll leave you with a shot of the actual house. This is the backyard. Doesn't it look screamingly quaint?

Monday, August 8, 2016

NoSleep Interview!

Howdy champs!

/r/nosleepinterviews is taking community questions for my upcoming interview. Head on over and ask something!

Also, off-topic but, I was looking at the traffic sources for my blog. I see some people are stumbling onto this page from porn sites....what kind of sick gory science shit are you people into??

The Fourth Domain - Finale

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